Welcome to Manchester!

Manchester is one of the most architecturally rich and diverse neighborhoods in the city of Pittsburgh. Manchester encompasses the largest historic district in the city and boasts some of the finest examples of nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Manchester Historic Society works to promote the neighborhood of Manchester and its historic value.


MHS partners with neighbors to support projects that improve Manchester in small ways, such as cleanups and beautification projects, and large ways, representing the neighborhood’s interests to government and private developers.


MHS provides a ready resource to learn about living in this unique historic district. This includes guidance on renovation and construction within the constraints of our neighborhood's historical designation.


MHS supports restoration and preservation of historic homes, whenever possible. We believe new development should reflect the character of homes and structures already here. Manchester is the city’s largest historic district, and we advocate for continued work that complements our beautiful neighborhood.


Manchester Historic Society

Working to promote the neighborhood of Manchester and its historic value.

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